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Jbl Power Up Software Update

Same thing happened to my JBL charge 3. Was working great, updated the software with the JBL connect app...update finished. Speaker never turned on after that. No lights showing when plugged in either:(

Jbl power up software update

Just did the software update on the JBL portable app on my borrowed JBL Pulse 4, but then it won't turn on anymore. I just borrowed it. ??? Pls help, I broke it accidentally because of their app ?

I've been gigging for over 60 years and I've done stage sound as well as been a recording engineer and producer for over 52 years. I've also been a software programmer, systems designer and consultant since 1965.

A) NO MANUAL!!!1) It doesn't remember Phantom power setting - Why is that?2) Touch controls often DO NOT WORK. Touch, move, nothing happens. Programmed to be way too insensitive? (EVERY other App in my pad works fine including the excellent QSC Touchmix App).3) NO WAY to determine how much signal each channel is getting. No level meters, bars or whatever.4) The level controls in the APP have a terrible contour (or maybe they follow the contour in the unit?). As they stutter up in the app it's no gain, no gain, no gain, no gain, WHAM! TOO MUCH GAIN. Then attempting to dial it down is a hit and miss affair that usually overshoots in both directions. The Touchmix App is a thousand times better as well as providing a pair of "nudge" tools for incremental changes that are more precise than trying to move a control with a finger.5) Finally (so far) the EQ is doubly unusable in the APP. First touching any of the preset "buttons" (they ARE buttons, right?) does NOTHING. No change. (the presets are all terrible). Then trying to change any parameter in the bands pops up a nag screen that says "Would you like to load data to CUSTOM?" Yes or no. First, WTH does that even mean? (See A above). Touching No does nothing and touching Yes does nothing audible. Of course, changing the cut and boost in the unit itself does nothing I can hear. Of course, maybe the EQ in my PRX One doesn't work?6) Oh, wait, not 'finally' -- when I downloaded the APP into my Android phone it connected to the PRX One and then LOCKED UP MY PHONE - I had to powerdown and restart it to use it as a phone again.

Today, just to make sure I updated the firmware in the PRX One -- that took 20 minutes and at the end was pretty scary for the last 5 minutes when the unit sat there with all of the LEDs yellow as it "rebooted" and no other indication (like in the display) that SOMETHING was going on.

When I got item out of box, required Firmware update. Went through the process via APP and after 5 -10 mins saying completed all the orange lights remained lit on the system. I waited few minutes appeared system was frozen, so I thought naturally PWR off and Re boot with the new Firmware update. Well the system went dead, nothing. Then after a few more minutes it powered up, Lucky I nearly sent it back. In hindsight the system was likely still updating even though the App said completed.

Then found the save scene function in the APP and hopefully saved everything including phantom setting. We'll see next time I boot it up. Apparently you cannot create and save scenes using the front panel so if you don't have the APP you have to start at the beginning each time you power up?

I thought that the PRX ONE would be a more powerful EON ONE with more speakers to throw that same great sound along with having more channels in the unit and with the ability to use the APP for fine/tuning the mix (as I can with the Touchmix) to cut down the setup/tear down time by leaving the Touchmix - extra XLR cabling at home and plug directly into the PRX.

Maybe they could program a firmware update and improved APP that could utilize a WiFi UBS device in one of the USB connections (like QSC Touchmix) to drive the PRX ONE from a pad or phone. Of course, that would work only IF they enabled an electronic two way connection through the USB ports.

Aloha, cannonball. I bought the PRX ONE for the same reasons -- a bigger, more powerful EON ONE with more channels so I didn't have to also carry and hookup my QSC Touchmix 16 for gigs. I was also excited about being able to fine tune the mix from an APP on my iPad on stage the way I can with the Touchmix.

AFAIK, You cannot save multiple setups on the PRX front panel - ONLY In the APP. The non-intuitive way to deal with setups is to touch the "Save" link on the main screen in the APP, then give the current "factory setup" a new name, save it and then do your tweaks and SAVE AGAIN. Then the next time you power up the PRX you can touch the "SAVE" link then recall a setting. I'm not sure if the PRX remembers the last setting used or whether it starts off at the factory default when powered up. Another thing to remember is that when a setup is restored, the MAIN level is completely off. Time for the level setting tap dance in the APP or figure out how to get to the right screen to use the main level knob on the PRX ONE panel.

There is a Facebook group that is admin'd by the guy who writes the code for the JBL Pro Connect App.He is very responsive. Also a new version just dropped ( for iPhone) and it is a huge improvement.Be sure to update the firmware on the PRX One to the latest version if you haven't already.

Copying the upgrade file from the internet to the speaker is the slowest part of the software update process. But as shown in these screenshots, the JBL Connect app shows you a progress pie-chart picture, that progressively becomes more orange as the upgrade file transfer advances.

The speaker may or may not turn itself back on again. Ours did not. So if like ours, yours did not come back up after the update software process wraps up, then go ahead with the next step (Step 7). But if yours did come back online though, then skip Step 7 and pick up with Step 8.

the notifier only informs you of the newer comments? and not replys lol. Thank you so much for responding to my comment/ questions. I just read the update, and it is really a huge shame that JBL does not seem to care about the customers as much once the product is sold, I.E simply 0 after sails service. This is making me reconsider JBL. I like the base that JBL offers, but if there's no way around these issues, I may have to look for something else. Would you have any recommendations? similar wall shaking base as JBL, around same price? logitech or soni etc?Thank you once again.P.S. if you guys do more audio speaker reviews, specially you, is there a way to get to them?

Hello all, this is a great review. I'm on my second unit and has the same problem as first unit. First unit was purchased back in spring and was great until unit just won't power on anymore. So I contacted jbl and they gave me a replacement. Replacement came in, plug it in and nothing. Its not my wall plug because everything else that's plugged into it works.I was wondering where can I can get an update if there's one for this sound bar. Does anyone else have this issue?

I got my second unit working. It turned on and it seems like when the surround sound speakers gets fully charged, the unit powers off and will not come on til it detects that the surround sound speakers needs a recharge. Which I thought it was awkward.

I had contacted jbl and they said that I could get a replacement but would only be with a refurbished unit. So i passed on it. As far as how to update, still looking for answers. Good luck to whoever purchase this bar. Sound quality is superb but I think it still needs alot of work.

I have that system for a year nowThe BT connection to the sub stopped after 2 monthsCan't get it working whatsoever I triedLost many hours for that shit software and firmware problem they haveNow I will send them back for repairAnd after I will sell them and buy something reliableSound is great when worksBut Jbl won't see me ever again

Download the JBL Portable app to access JBL PartyBoost and firmware updates. Once you open the app, it will prompt you to pair your Charge 5. The interface of the app is pretty easy to use and offers helpful information about each of its components.

We also recommend checking out the UE MEGABOOM 3. This speaker takes a different approach to its design as it delivers 360-degree audio, but is similar to the Charge 5 in many ways. It has an IP67 rating, can be paired to another MEGABOOM 3 for a more powerful sound, and has a strong bass response. The cylindrical speaker has a 20-hour battery life and you can set it up for one-touch access to your streaming service of choice. The MEGABOOM 3 is available for $189.99 at Amazon.

Colour running strobes, colour projection lights and a figure of 8 RGB animation are just some of the lighting options. Simply power up the speaker to get the party started or jump into the PartyBox App and create dazzling custom light shows, control playback remotely and add DJ sound effects.

HARMAN ( designs and engineers connected products and solutions for automakers, consumers, and enterprises worldwide, including connected car systems, audio and visual products, enterprise automation solutions; and services supporting the Internet of Things. With leading brands including AKG, Harman Kardon, Infinity, JBL, Lexicon, Mark Levinson and Revel, HARMAN is admired by audiophiles, musicians and the entertainment venues where they perform around the world. More than 50 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and connected car systems. Our software services power billions of mobile devices and systems that are connected, integrated and secure across all platforms, from work and home to car and mobile. HARMAN has a workforce of approximately 30,000 people across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. In March 2017, HARMAN became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics.

This JBL Flip 6 turns on and off with such an ear piercing volume that it makes me want to beat it to death with a hammer. Is there really no way to turn down the volume when powering on of off? This is the second one I purchased both do the same thing.


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