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How to Save Your Facebook Chat History on Your PC or Mobile Device

It's basically the history of everything you've done on Facebook. It's also the data that Facebook can use to learn more about you. When others get unauthorized access to this data, they can learn a lot about you as well, as we learned from the Cambridge Analytica scandal that's currently unfolding.

download history facebook

Here's how to see everything Facebook knows about you and how to download your own archive of that information. It might be useful, especially if you're planning to quit and take some of those memories with you.

Facebook emailed me a link to download my data. The process took about 10 minutes. (The downloading time depends on how much data you've generated.) The data is segmented into groups: like ads, contact info, events, messages, timeline, and more.

I hadn't actively deleted our Messenger conversations. (Messenger is the chat app also owned by Facebook). I needed to delete the history of our conversations in order to erase it from Facebook's digital memory ... and mine if I ever want to look back at my data and not see those conversations.

You can also exclude certain items from the download. If you want a lean download and don't need your videos and photos, omit them by unchecking them, and watch your download size reduce significantly.

Once you've downloaded your ZIP file, extract it and you'll see a basic folder hierarchy that matches up with the items you selected or deselected earlier. You're free to trawl through these folders, but it's a lot easier to open index.html or index in the root folder.

So what if you want to download a video or photo that you've been tagged in? Facebook does not include these in your data download, since they're not technically yours. There are plenty of legitimate reasons you might want to grab media from the site. Fair use laws protect your right to use this content in many jurisdictions.

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Downloading private Facebook videos is a little more difficult, since you'll need to grab the page source code and paste it into a specific private video downloader. FBDown Private Video Downloader seems like the best bet in this instance.

There are plenty of reasons to stop using Facebook right now, but there are also reasons to not delete your Facebook. So, the choice is yours. However, regardless of whether you decide to dump Facebook, there's no reason not to at least download your data.

Mobile users can view Facebook stories by accessing the app. When it comes to download Facebook story, you need to open the story and copy its URL. Open Facebook story saver on your mobile and paste the link to the fb save to your device.

Many Facebook downloader claims to offer high-quality results, but most fail. However, SmallSEOTools online FB video downloader supports HD-quality video downloading. This Facebook video downloader fetches the video with the same quality as available on the submitted URL.

Before starting the online Facebook video download process, do you wish to know the quality and size it will be downloaded in? With SmallSEOTools Facebook video downloader, you can easily view real-time video details.

Facebook allows its users to post videos as stories. These stories can be viewed on the platform for 24 hours. If you find a story posted on Facebook worthy of being watched multiple times, the only solution is to save it offline on your device. This feat is possible using a Facebook story downloader.

Please be aware that does not support downloading Facebook videos that are protected by copyright or belong to other people or organizations. We do not support people using these videos for commercial purposes.

No! The Facebook video downloader can only help you save videos and stories posted on Facebook. If your desired video is on another online platform, you can turn to our online video downloader and execute this task swiftly.

Facebook video download tool offered by SmallSEOTools allows users to download Facebook videos in multiple qualities, including the ones available in 4K resolution. You can easily download 4K Facebook videos through it.

No, the videos downloaded through the Facebook video download online tool by SmallSEOTools are not stored by the platform itself. After downloading and saving the videos to the device, the index of these videos is removed from the SmallSEOTools website.

The user-friendly interface of this Facebook video downloader makes the process to download videos from Facebook quick and convenient. With this platform, you don't need to spend much time downloading videos, and you can complete this task instantly.

Do you want to share a video you watched on Facebook in a WhatsApp group? Or do you want to share video content on other platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.? For all these reasons, you need a Facebook downloader. The videos saved through this facebook video download facility can easily be shared across multiple platforms without facing any restrictions.

Our Facebook video downloader helps you save your favorite video content from this social networking platform. Just enter the URL of any video and let the tool perform its magic to fetch and transform your desired video in a matter of seconds.

The FB video downloader online offered on DupliChecker is compatible with all kinds of devices. You can easily access this utility through the default browser of your mobile and enter the URL of the Facebook video you wish to download. After that, simply click the download button to get it saved in your local storage.

You can download Facebook videos without observing any hurdles through our online Facebook video downloader. After accessing this tool on DupliChecker, you can enter the URL of the Facebook video in the given field and click the Download button to initiate the process. Your video will be downloaded in a matter of seconds.

The live videos can only be downloaded once the live streaming has ended. It also depends on whether the creator of the live video keeps or deletes it after ending the stream. If the video is available on account after completion of streaming, you can easily download it by entering its URL on this Facebook video downloader online.

As compared to the posts, the Facebook stories are getting more response from the audience, as they are known to offer the most recent news, and they disappear after 24 hours. Therefore, you can share information timely through this feature of Facebook and enjoy the massive response from the audience. Users can download FB stories and share them with their friends.

Yes! You can download FB stories by copying their URL and entering it on our Facebook story downloader. This utility will help you save Facebook stories on your devices without facing any intricacies.

Facebook has introduced its story feature to help users share content, including text, pictures, videos, and animations that last for 24 hours. The stories on Facebook disappear because this feature focuses on helping users share day-to-day activities with friends and followers without flooding their timelines. But the choice is all yours, you can utilize a Facebook story downloader to save your favorite stories.

There are many reasons why you might want to download your Facebook Messenger Chat history: You may want to save a certain Messenger conversation or you just want to have a backup outside of Facebook. Maybe also you are one of the #deletefacebook people and are looking for a way to backup your data.

To make the chats in an accessible format, first, we will export the chats from Facebook messenger and then will convert the chats into any desired or accessible format. Follow all the steps to download Facebook messenger chat history.

The BitRecover Chat Converter comes with amazing and advanced features that allow users to download Facebook messenger chat history into any accessible format. Not only Facebook, the software will convert chats of all social media accounts. The software is created with high algorithms that make the software easy to use for all users.

You can't clear your Messenger search history from a computer, but you can do it from an Android or iOS device. Select the search bar or Search option in Chats, followed by Edit, then select the Clear All option next to Recent Searches.

You can't delete your entire chat history all at once, but you can clear it out one conversation at a time. On iOS and Android, swipe left on the conversation and select the trash can icon. In a desktop browser, select the menu (three dots) and then Delete. On the desktop app, right-click and select Delete Conversation.

Facebook stories are a type of personalized status that individuals showcase on their profiles. They are only visible to others for 24 hours and are similar to the temporary updates we share on Instagram and WhatsApp. As such, downloading Facebook stories is not as straightforward as downloading regular Facebook videos.

FBVideoDown is capable of downloading public and private stories, videos and images without losing quality. Not only Facebook stories, but you can also download Facebook reels and all the random videos appearing on your wall.

Your timelime history: Facebook keeps track of your entire timeline history and contains every status update you have ever written, every page or website you have ever liked and details the exact moments of all the photos and videos you have ever uploaded.

Well, if you have been trying to access your message history, this article will be of interest to you. Aside from downloading your history, we also share tips on how to delete your Facebook Messenger history, especially when using public computers or Wi-Fi.

Yes, you can download your Facebook Messenger history. But there are some important caveats to the process. For instance, you cannot single out a chat from an individual and only download that conversation.


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