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Buying A Hail Damaged Car

This is still mostly true and the inflated price is also seen on cars with non-perfect conditions, including hail damage. While these cars also seem like a steal, with much cheaper price tags, you should be aware that hail damage cars can have a significant impact on their value.

buying a hail damaged car

Even though sometimes, a hail damage repair job can be that low, most cars end up costing a lot more. The north side of the cost can be as high as $20,000, with most being closer to five to eight thousand dollars for cosmetic damage in good condition without any hidden issues like rust or damaged paint.

The best way to find out the real and accurate price for auto hail repair is getting an estimate upfront from a reputable hail repair specialty shop (AKA a paintless dent repair shop), like StormWise Auto Hail Repair.

If you live in a place that gets hail storms regularly, please know that it will be difficult to get an inspection during the hail storm season. Most specialty shops will be too busy fixing cars than providing a quote to a potential car owner.

Colorado, Nebraska, and Texas are states with frequent hail storms in the summer. If your car gets hail damage again in the future, even with comprehensive coverage, you will need to be prepared to pay for the majority of the hail damage repair.

If you are buying the hail damaged car from a dealer, and the dealer has financing options, this is potentially going to work out for you. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to find a lender who agrees to take on a damaged car.

There are some benefits of getting a new car with hail damage if your budget is limited. But know that a deal upfront often comes with costs later down the road. And that is exactly what hail sale is about.

Those hail damaged car sales look very tempting, but is it apoor decision to buy a car with hail damage in Colorado? Hail damaged cars forsale often come with a much lower price tag, but you are concerned aboutwhether the savings were worth it. It's perfectly acceptable to purchase a haildamage car in Colorado, and when you are buying under the right conditions,it's a great decision. We will look at when to buy hail-damaged vehicles, howmuch hail sale discounts are, when to avoid the sale, and how to get insurancecoverage for your new purchase.View Hail Sales in Colorado Springs

When you see dealerships selling hail-damaged cars, youmight wonder when the right time to buy one would be. As far as timing goes,you will want to act sooner rather than later. Hail sales don't last long, andneither does the hail season. As far as the condition of the car, that'sanother story. It's ideal to purchase used or new vehicles with hail damagewhen the defects/damage aren't too significant. You can score quite a discountin Colorado if you aren't concerned about the minor imperfections of thehail-damaged car. This discount could even outweigh what it would cost to fixthe minor damage.

To answer this question, you must consider how much haildamage devalues a car. If the hail damage is significant enough to drasticallylower the resale value, cause concern by merely looking at the vehicle, or ifthe damage somehow impedes the operation of the car, it might be best to steerclear. Besides, you want to know that you will be able to insure the newly purchasedhail damaged car in Colorado. Too much hail damage might translate to noinsurance coverage.

Not every insurance company will provide a policy topre-existing hail-damaged cars. For many insurance companies, it's seen as aloophole to create fake insurance claims. However, some companies are willingto work with hail damaged car buyers with specific requirements. You might notbe able to file any hail-related claims soon after the purchase or might requirea complete evaluation of the vehicle before the insurance begins to work withpossible future hail damage claims. In these cases, you could find yourselfsolely responsible for hail damage repairs in the future, even withcomprehensive coverage. You might find that's a better option if you can affordto fix the hail damage before beginning your insurance policy. After the minorhail damage is repaired, look for a hail insurance policy that works for you.

Colorado is one of the states that are most prone to hail.Furthermore, most hail storms come with heavy winds, which further increase thechance of car damage. Colorado's hail season occurs between April 15 andSeptember 15. Hail storms occur most frequently during June, while otherregions in Colorado often have destructive hail storms in August. June toAugust is usually the time frame where the most intense hail storms that causethe most damage will occur. During the Summer, eastern Colorado residents willoften see hailstones measure between one and two inches in diameter, whilefalling at up to 80 mph. Many areas often see tennis ball size hailstones aswell. In August 2019, the largest hailstone in Colorado history fell just Northwest of Bethune, CO. Thehistoric hailstone measured 4.83 inches in diameter and weighed 8.5 ounces. Theprevious record was 4.5 inches. If your car is damaged by hail or falls victimto a future hailstorm, stop by our collision center in Colorado Springs for anestimate and top quality paintless dent repair.Visit Phil Long Collision Center

After a good hail storm, car lots will give substantial markdowns on the price of new and used vehicles that have been damaged by falling hail. The discount you receive on used cars with hail damage depends solely on how much the value is decreased. Hail sale discounts on new vehicles can be much higher. In the past, we have passed on hail sale discounts up to 50% off the original MSRP. As you wonder - should I buy a hail-damaged car - ask yourself if the savings are worth the damage. Often, the hail discount far outweighs the hail damage repair cost.

When it hails, we give big sales. It's a time when ourfamily of dealerships provides the most significant discounts on vehicles thathave received hail damage. We were leaders in hail sales during the crazy hailstorms of 2016 and 2018 in Colorado, and we will continue to provide ourcustomers with deep discounts in the future (on hail-damaged cars andnon-damaged cars). The Phil Long Family of Dealerships has hail damaged carsfor sale in Colorado after every significant weather event.View Hail Damaged Cars for Sale

The dealership will put out the signs and suddenly that $30,000 car is just $18,000 with some damage, all you have to do is replace a windshield and maybe a hood or roof, but hail damage can come back to bite you in many ways.

With minor hail damage sometimes the dealer never reports the damage to the insurance company, so those few dents are repaired and essentially erased from the car's history and you get the savings all because the dealer didn't want to bother making the repairs.

Hail damage can be devastating for a car but if you know how to deal with it, you can get your vehicle back to its original condition. In some cases, buying a hail-damaged car can even save you some money. Understanding everything you can about hail-damaged cars can help you navigate the process and make the most of a bad situation.

When vehicles are damaged by hail, there are varying degrees of issues that can arise. Not all hail damage is the same and you must understand the differences between the types of damage. By knowing what each type looks like and how it may affect your vehicle, you can assess your situation and figure out how to move forward.

Cosmetic with Intact Paint:The most minor damage that a vehicle can sustain from hail is cosmetic damage with the paint still intact. This type of damage looks like little dents all over the surface of the vehicle. When this happens, it can be repaired using a process called paintless dent removal, or PDR. During paintless dent removal, a technician will gently massage the dents out of the panels using small rods and suction. This process is incredibly meticulous and time-consuming but it can get your vehicle back to its original condition without having to repaint anything or total the car.

Most auto insurance companies offer policies that will cover hail damage. However, this kind of coverage is usually only offered in the most comprehensive coverage plans. Before your vehicle is damaged by a hail storm, you should call and find out if you will be able to file an insurance claim for hail damage repair. This is especially recommended if you live in an area such as Texas or Colorado where hail is common and where the possibility of damage is higher. While you may have to pay a higher deductible in these areas, it could end up being well worth the extra cost if you can avoid having to total the car due to severe weather.

After you have determined that your car has been damaged by hail, the first thing you should do is contact your insurance company and let them know what has happened. If you have a comprehensive insurance policy that covers hailstone damage, they will then send an adjuster out to look at the damage. This process should take anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes, during which time the adjuster will appraise the damage and subtract any issues that are unrelated to the hail from the hail damage claim.

After the damage has been appraised, the company will then recommend an accredited auto body shop for you to use for the repairs. Once you pay your insurance payment and the deductible, the repair shop will then work out all the hail dents and dings and do any repairs they need to do to the body panels. Depending on the extent of the body repair and your insurance policy, you may have to pay more or less out of pocket. Be sure to ask the shop about a warranty for the car repairs they do for your vehicle.

If it is only minor cosmetic damage, you can also opt to take the cash settlement from your insurance policy and continue driving the car as-is. In particularly hail-prone areas, many car owners choose this option based on the likelihood that a severe storm with golf ball-sized hailstones will happen again soon. Depending on the type of hail damage and the value of your vehicle, this may or may not be your best option. 041b061a72


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